“Our goal here is to nurture the curiosity, creativity, and imagination born within each child.”

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Bright Child is an Eco-Friendly Montessori School that strives to sustain the planet with our business practices and in the way we educate children. Our goal here is to nurture the curiosity, creativity, and imagination born within each child. We will immerse children in nature by visiting forests and exploring our outdoor classrooms. We will plant seeds in our classroom, watch them grow in our gardens, and serve our harvest for lunch. We will inspire the children through music, movement, instruments, and dance. We will focus on fundamentals in our classrooms that are crucial for development and provide challenging tasks for children when they are ready.

What Other People Are Saying About Our School

I can confidently say that enrolling our kids into Bright Child is one of the best decisions we’ve made for them! The teachers in every room are absolutely amazing, always welcoming when we come into the school and make us feel right at home. I’m always so happy to see the healthy meals they are eating every day. We get daily picture updates which just make our day at work so much better! We decided to enroll our oldest daughter into JK here in the fall, couldn’t imagine taking her out yet, the things they learn are unbelievable. Both girls have advanced so much from their learning at this school. Bright Child staff, teachers and owners put SO much care into everything they do, I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who wants their children to have an outstanding experience!

Jaclyn Blackburn, Bright Child Parent

Bright Child Montessori puts your mind at ease by creating a nurturing and challenging learning environment with a dedicated teaching staff. We have been so impressed with how the Montessori teaching methods have enhanced our child’s interests while exposing him to a variety of fundamental life skills.  We would wholeheartedly recommend Bright Child Montessori to any parent looking for a superior educational experience for their child.

Brooke & Bryon Meloche, Bright Child Parents

We feel so blessed to have our daughter start her earliest experiences growing, learning, and exploring at Bright Child Montessori. It is never easy to drop your children off in someone else’s care, but we have been confident since day one in our decision. The staff at BC is knowledgeable and passionate. They work so incredibly hard and I truly respect each and every one of them for the time and effort they have put forward to making Juliet’s experience so wonderful. We have witnessed so much empathy and love towards our daughter from the staff, and the time and effort in giving her, and all the children, an enriched experience each and every day is so heart warming. We are also extremely satisfied with the cleanliness and amenities at the school, the incredible healthy and diverse daily menu, and the specialty programs like yoga, dance, and outdoor activities that make her so excited, and a little less sad (parting from us) each morning. I strongly recommend this school to any parent who values education, equity, and imagination for their child.

Jennifer Fatallah, Bright Child Parent

Every day, I look forward to the photo updates of what Finlay is doing at school. I truly appreciate the time it takes to keep all parents informed. It speaks to how dedicated the staff at Bright Child Montessori are.
– Jeff Meloche

Finlay loved Forest School! And I appreciate that he has the opportunity to learn mindfulness and meditation, through yoga every Friday.
– Janice Meloche

Jeff and Janice Meloche, Bright Child Parents

My wife and I have two children enrolled in this school. The peace of mind we get knowing that they are well taken care of by teachers and staff that really care about their well being is worth every penny. The kids really love going to school.

Dan Knuckle, Father of David and Audrey Anne

I will never forget the first day we visited Bright Child Montessori. The moment we walked in, we were instantly greeted by the staff who made us feel so very comfortable. As a new Mother, I was anxious to leave our daughter in the care of others.. however within the first day we knew that our Reese was so well taken care of! The teachers, staff, chef, and the owners John and Melissa are beyond amazing! They have created such a nurturing environment for our children to learn and grow, and the organic menu is incredible! Bright child feels like an extension to our family, and I am so grateful to have them apart of our lives!

Jessie and Jeff Schwab, Bright Child Parents

Thank you for everything you have done for us since working at Bright Child.  You have helped shape our careers and we wouldn’t be where we are now if it was not with the help of both of you! We really appreciate your love and support!

Jenna Huneault and Rebekah French, Bright Child Teachers

Bright Child provides a caring, thoughtfully prepared learning environment that has encouraged our son to learn and grow socially, cognitively, physically and emotionally. The holistic approach to meals prepared and served, and programs offered, from music, art, yoga to Forest School, have been key to my son’s development into the confident, independent little boy he has become.

Kate & BJ Laub, Bright Child Parents

I wouldn’t send my kids anywhere else!! The teachers are all amazing and always welcoming!! My daughters talk about their teachers all the time! A huge thing for me was the healthy food that the kids eat! This is a big thing in my family and we teach our kids to eat healthy. So it’s nice to know that it is being carried on at school! I have also never seen a school so clean as well!! Every time I pick up my kids there is always someone cleaning. At the end of the day my kids are getting the best care and I recommend to all my friends to look here when deciding where to enroll their kids!! The bar is set VERY HIGH!!!!!

Carly and Dean Fantin, Bright Child Parents

My wife and I can’t say enough great things about Bright Child and their staff. Our children love their teachers,  class activities, new friends,  the great food options and they love looking back through all the photos and videos on our phones captured by staff daily, even after they graduate. My wife and I, along with the family members set up on the HiMama app praise the organization of the school with Bright Child providing us with meal information,  bathroom break info during potty training and activity overview. We value the timeless photos and videos and day by day updates. Thank you Bright Child staff, for all you do.

Brady Thrasher, Bright Child Parent

Beyond grateful to have such a well run school where we can send our kids. The teachers are so engaged and so capable, they know and love our children; the food is healthful; the programming is creative; the result is well adjusted kids learning far more than I would ever think to impart. Bright child is an extension of our home 🙂

Megan Mailloux, Bright Child Parent

Bright Child is an amazing Montessori school. Our youngest is currently in the Casa 1 class and our oldest is in senior kindergarten at Bright Child. The teachers are calm and caring and truly provide individualized attention to each child. We love that the school emphasizes the importance of outdoor time (in all weather) and teaches respect for nature. Forest School is an excellent addition to the program! The meals and snacks provided to the children are incredible – varied, healthy, and locally sourced when possible. Our girls absolutely love the music classes and doing yoga. As a parent, I love that the Montessori method emphasizes independence – it is incredible to watch your child’s confidence increase as they master a new skill!

Sarah and Kory Renaud, Bright Child Parents


The Montessori Method of education is designed to help the children to help themselves. They are encouraged to develop the fullness of their individual human potential through independence, inner discipline and discovery. It is our objective to provide children with the structure, groundwork, knowledge and social skills to successfully move into their future.

Our classrooms are equipped with areas which promote specific growth patterns and satisfy sensitive periods of development. We have have areas of the classroom. These prepared environments allow the child to learn through exploration at their own pace.

Bright Child Montessori holds true to the belief that each child is of supreme importance in our world. We work to guide each child to knowledge, empowerment and a lifelong love of learning while preparing them to be active members of a peaceful, global community. We strive to nurture each child intellectually, physically and emotionally through Montessori practices, as well as through our own examples of
behaviour and habit.


The Practical Life materials are the foundation for the road to success in a Montessori classroom. This is the first area in the classroom which children are drawn to. There are four necessary categories: Care of Self would include activities that teach children how to use a zipper or tie a shoelace. Care of the Environment includes activities that promote cleaning, organizing, cooking, or simply learning how to use an every day tool. Grace and Courtesy promotes manners, etiquette, and courtesy towards others. Control of Movement activities teach the children to pour, spoon, and transfer different manipulatives.

A child is an active learner, in which his hands will guide him in exploration and development. During the first period of life, “the absorbent mind”, a child encounters sensitive periods in which a child can perfect his senses. During this formative period of life, a child will absorb his environment though his senses. Sensorial materials developed by Maria Montessori, have essential purposes and qualities. Such materials are introduced at a concrete level, and aid in the development of the abstract mind. He will develop a sense of order, co-ordination, concentration and independence.

In the language area we will find a large variety of reading readiness materials, including materials for phonetic analysis, word attack skills and reading, as well as materials for the refinement of motor control for writing. In the Montessori Method, writing precedes reading, as the children explore with drawing and forming letters. The process of learning how to read should be as painless and simple as learning how to speak. The child begins by exploring the sounds that compose words and by relating them to the letters of the alphabet. He can soon produce words and sentences free of all other mechanical difficulties. In the meantime he trains his hand to become precise and sure for the writing movements. Reading is prepared indirectly from writing. The child starts from what he knows about the letters and the sounds. Then we give him the key to read all the words he can encounter. Reading skills normally develop so smoothly in Montessori classrooms that students tend to exhibit a sudden “reading explosion” which leaves the children and their families beaming with pride.

The math materials take the abstract ideas that are contained in math and very clearly demonstrates them in a simple concrete way to give the child a visual display of what is going on. Children are able to use their sense perception to gain knowledge on size, quantity, and distinguishable units. After they have worked with these concrete ideas he/she will understand the process involved when the work is transferred to a more abstract form (numbers on paper and operation signs) The children will move from numbers to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, the decimal system, and fractions.

In the Montessori classroom, the cultural subjects are the most diverse. It includes geography, history, biology, music, dance, art appreciation, crafts, and the physical sciences. The purpose of the cultural area is to develop an understanding of how the world is interrelated and all embracing. Montessori’s idea of a cosmic plan ties children to the entire world.

With creativity and imagination, we develop our love of art and music. This plays an important part in the cultural studies, as we examine others’ culture, we learn about their art and music. Art is an expression of who we are. Through the use and experience of art and music we understand what it is and how we can make use of it. We must first develop our appreciation of art and music at a young age.”Moreover, success here” (tender age-younger child) “depends to a great extent upon having a child hear a great deal of music. His environment must be such that it can arouse in him a feeling for, and an understanding of, music” The arts help us express thoughts, opinions, and stories. Without arts, we would not have all of the different cultures today.




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